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07.30.05 (9:43 am)   [edit]
Wow.. Sellers market. Geez. Larry Bigbie to the Red Sox for get this.. Kelly Shoppach & Adam Stern. Shoppach is a nifty catching prospect at least on par with where John Buck was before we dealt Beltran. Stern is a Rule V guy at least on par with Chip Ambres in terms of potential/ability. Larry Bigbie is basically Aaron Guiel with less offensive ability.

There are rumors that Manny Ramirez is on his way out of Boston in a 3 way gangbang involving Tampa Bay.. and ahahah.. the Mets. The Mets are going to pillage the farm again centering around Yusmeiro Petit and Mike Cameron to the Sox. The Red Sox send Ramirez and presumably $$ to the Mets. Then the Sox turn around and ship Petit & Hanley Ramirez to the rays for.. Aubrey freaking Huff. Yeah the Aubrey Huff with a .330 OBP and vanishing power. The Aubrey Huff that's beginning to look a lot like Travis Lee. I've nodded, agreed, and understood the angst of other team's fans with respect to Mike Sweeney. But if Travis Lee Jr. is worth Hanley Ramirez and Petit.. Than if Stoneman wants Sweeney I want Mathis & Kotchman. I live near D.C. and if I want to buy a house someday I have to get bent over due to the pressures of the existing market. So do you Anaheim.. So do you.

Matt Stairs would be more useful to a contender right now than Aubrey Huff. This is insanity. Get on the phone Allard. Don't trade any of the young guys unless they accept some of our junk.

This work thing.. geez..
07.29.05 (11:14 am)   [edit]
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. This is my first weekend when I'm not vanishing somewhere or have some vital task to accomplish.

The trade deadline is fast approaching and the market appears to be flush with buyers. Aging veterans and niche relievers(LOOGY alert) are seeing their values soar as they are targeted as the missing piece of every team's playoff puzzle. Allard Baird flipped Tony Graffanino when his value peaked to Theo Epstein and the Sawx. Returns on the trade are positive. Chip Ambres, who looked for the life of me like the second coming of Abraham Nunez, is actually a very solid defender with plus range in the OF. His arm induces Johnny Damon flashbacks but he will cut a lot of doubles into singles when he's in the game. The 'target' of the trade was supposedly Juan Cedeno, a young flamethrower from the dominican who tosses mid 90's heat with control problems. He'll be converted from starting duty to middle relief and sent to Double A. Baird sort of misguidedly believes that he can trade one of the young flamethrowers we have in the pen now because he has the Cedeno kid ready to go. He should give Cedeno at least half a season before he's ready to ride the AA express to the majors that the Royals have become addicted to. I almost feel sorry for the Omaha team.. they are like hobos drifting along the tracks as prospects are rushed to the show to fill jobs that they could probably do adequately in the mean time just as cheaply.

I really need to work on my transitions.. I want to write how we should move Mike Sweeney NOW! His OPS is over .900 and he has at least shown that his wrist isn't a problem no matter how many times it gets drilled. But, his pricetag is too high and the Royals lack the vision to see what Mike Sweeney could be. The Royals look at Mike a lot differently than other teams:

To the Royals, Mike Sweeney is 11 million dollars per season already spent. He keeps their payroll from falling to embarrassingly low levels and since the royals will likely never make a large investment on the free agent market again, he really doesn't limit their decision making.

To other teams, Mike Sweeney is a boondoggle. His iffy back makes him a gamble in the extreme. He's an attractive hitter as a powerful righty who does not slump unless he is hurt. Unfortunately he seems to be hurt more and more often. A team like the Mets or Halos would kill for even 3 months of Sweeney's bat in their lineup at maybe 7 million per season.. But they won't bite at 12.5.. the bump that Sweeney gets in the event of a trade.

The royals will not eat salary on Mike Sweeney.. because they don't view him as a sunk cost already. The smartest thing that the Royals could do would be to agree to the pro-rated split of Sweeney's salary this season. The Angels pay the remainder of his salary this year.. 5 million or so. Negotiate with Sweeney to waive the 1.5 million dollar bump(He likes the West Coast) and agree to take on 4 million per season over the next two years. In return the Royals could get Casey Kotchman(who's mystery performance has a Top 30 prospect at his lowest value ever) and a Jeff Mathis or Ervin Santana.

The royals will not do this.. Not necessarily because Allard Baird lacks vision, but because the goose-stepping Walmart fascists that own this team do not believe in paying for something that is not directly in their service. As a business, Walmart has steamrolled the competition in a way that would make George Steinbrenner blush, but for whatever reason, the razor sharp business acumen and ruthless efficiency displayed by former CEO David Glass as a Walmart king has not translated to his ownership of the Royals. Well.. Dan Snyder is a failure too so apparently it takes more than a business degree to run a baseball team.

I've given up on Angel Berroa. I'm sick of watching him. His entire offensive approach is misguided. He started taking first pitch strikes.. purposely to keep the organization happy. Now he does that, and then swings at ball 1,2, and 3. Berroa's defense has actually improved and he could hack it in the pitchers circuit on a steady diet of fastballs. Berroa should be a Washington National and I really don't care what we get in return.. as long as it isn't Christian Guzman.

I'm really torn on John Buck. He looks like he's actually getting through to our pitchers that don't suck. His defense is superb and he has a strong enough arm to keep the running game down. Simultaneously, he's got a slow bat and he has trouble making contact. His plate discipline isn't abysmal, but he has a hard time not striking out when a pitcher gets 2 strikes. I can live with a catcher that can't hit, but the royals should not resign themselves to only one vision of the future with John Buck behind the plate.

Donald Murphy vs. Ruben Gotay... Damn it all. I gotta give the edge to Murphy. Gotay doesn't have the power to justify his flyball swing. He's gonna end up as the warning track king if he doesn't adjust that. Murphy's defense has been questionable at best in the early going.. But so was Teahen's and Mark has been lights out since then. If a nice trade offer comes along.. I wouldn't be sad to see one of these guys go. Affeldt + Gotay for Hermida? A guy can dream can't he?

Finally.. Is Buddy Bell a moron?.. Well.. pretty much. The royals are playing harder but this seems to reek of Tony Muser redux. However, Bell won't shred our young pitcher's arms and the bullpen is actually being managed somewhat decently.. So I'll just have to live with things like Joe McEwing at 1st base and incorrect lineup cards.

Major League team.. ugh.. How bout those minor leaguers!
07.03.05 (4:58 pm)   [edit]
The Royals draft was analyzed by many royals fans as Alex Gordon and.. well at least we got Gordon. Many of the royals subsequent picks(especially a speedster named Dickerson from the west coast) were viewed as budget selections. Anticipating a 3.5-4 million pricetag on Gordon, the royals reached with some of their selections in order to sign players below slot money. I was skeptical of many of the selections but I had faith in guys like Danny Rowland, a highly regarded talent evaluator we brought over from the Angels.

2nd round pick: Jeff Bianchi. Pennsylvania SS who signed to go to blech.. N.C. State. Or Moo U as its known by Chapel Hill fans. After some of Chris Lubanski's struggles I didn't think the Royals would tab another PA prep with a high draft pick but I was wrong. So far in the Arizona Rookie League kudos goes to the royals scouts.

AVG. .531
5 BB
32 AB
SLG. 1.000

He hit his fourth homerun tonight. As offensively minded as the ARL is, most players don't hit a lot of gopherballs there due to the switch from aluminum to wood. Bianchi looks like a steal. A true franchise SS.

3rd Round Pick: Chris Nicoll, Nicoll is an undervalued small college starter with good peripherals. Many moneyball draft strategists like him. Unfortunately he has yet to sign. But with his heavy college workload, the Royals are in no rush to get him in uniform.

4th round: Joe Dickerson, CF, Cali Prep. This was a headscratcher. The Royals have done this before, et al. Brian McFall, who now looks like a bust. Dickerson is supposedly a speed demon with questionable pop. So far in Arizona

4 BB against 33 AB
Hitting .394
Slugging .667 with a boat load of triples

The 'sample size warning' plate discipline is nice to see. I was worried we'd have Juan Pierre at best on our hands. So far Dickerson has to be considered a success even as a reach.

5th rounder Shawn Hayes: College SS. Hayes is struggling mightily with a near .600 OPS at Idaho Falls. It is still early, and he's drawn some walks, but college players should mash the Pioneer League.. Early Flag.

6th rounder Ryan Dipietro.. I'll admit it.. Hockey's on strike and when I saw this pick I still thought.. Man he's been a bust in the net for the Isles. Dipietro has 13 K's in his first 11 IP in the hitters haven of Idaho Falls. As a small college NorthEast guy he's allowed to start in Rookie Ball. So far.. so good.

Jeff Howell has gotten off to a hot start at Idaho Falls, possibly a catcher who can hit.. What a novel idea.

David Henninger, a 6'8" tower has pitched lights out in the Pioneer League..

Hayden Penn.. the Michigan righty, has gotten off to a nice start at Idaho Falls also

The early returns on this draft are fairly positive. A lot of these guys need to be advanced, but its good to see early success. Bianchi looks scary good and I have no illusions about Gordon's abilities once he signs.

I'm still here..
07.01.05 (4:16 pm)   [edit]
Sorry, I'd like to apologize to my readers

Minor League System: What's important? The draft stupid..
05.23.05 (9:17 am)   [edit]
The Royals minor league system is in an ok state. Massive promotions in the past two seasons have drained it of talent but it is still floating in the middle range of MLB clubs. The upcoming 2005 draft and the selection of either Justin Upton or Alex Gordon will set the tone for the Royals organization over the next 5-7 years. This season has seen a mix of positives and negatives in the royals minor leagues.

1. RHP Luis Cota: Those 'analysts' who have accused the royals of having a cheap draft philosophy tend to ignore a lot of evidence. The record bonus handed to Jeff Austin when the royals had the previous highest pick in the team's history, and more recently, the 1.05 million handed to a draft and follow 10th rounder named Luis Cota before last season's draft. The money was well spent.

Cota is annihilating the Midwest League as a 19 yr old.
45 IP
31 H
9 R
22 BB
52 K
0 HR
Cota works in the low to mid 90's with excellent breaking stuff. He was rated as a potential first rounder leading up to last year's draft. Cota will be promoted to High Desert soon and will wear the mantle of phenom before long.

2. LHP J.P. Howell, the moneyball pitcher from last season's draft opened the year by absolutely dominating the Coors Field like atmosphere of High Desert. Registering more than a K per inning and a sub 2.00 ERA. He was promoted to Wichita just this past week where he had an ok outing, getting hit a little but still striking out 5 guys in 5 IP. He may be the most groundball oriented pitcher in the organization.

3. 1B Kila Kaaihue, Kaaihue was drafted for his defense, power, and plate discipline. The only thing holding him back up to this point has been an ability to hit for average. This season, in High Desert, he is hitting .371 and actually has a higher OBP than superstar Billy Butler. His 1.000+ OPS should translate into positive numbers at Wichita and Omaha over the next season and a half. Trade bait.

4. 3B/who cares? Billy Butler: Butler draws BB's and is slugging over .600. He's got a shot to be the most complete offensive player in K.C. history.

5. OF Shane Costa: The most advanced OF in the Royals system overcame another ridiculously unlucky and sluggish start to get his numbers up to .268/.331/.431. His power is beginning to show up and he is a very, very polished hitter. He's athletic enough to be a CF but will play in a corner spot. I didn't expect him to get his numbers to acceptable levels for another month. He has a real decent shot at becoming a solid corner OF for the royals.

Other players exceeding expectations or holding their own:
6. Donald Murphy 2B, Wichita
7. Mike Aviles SS, Wichita
8. Mitch Maier LF, High Desert
9. Adam Donachie C, High Desert
10. John Gragg III P, High Desert
11. Mario Lisson SS, Burlington
12. Billy Buckner RHP, Burlington
13. Greg DeHoyos P, Burlington
14. Yovany D'Amico P, Burlington
15. Chad Blackwell P, Burlington

Other assets:
1. Justin Huber is destroying AA, because he should be in the majors, hopefully at a corner OF spot someday.
2. Leo Nunez has rocketed to the majors and pitched really well with very good stuff in limited duty
3. Andy Sisco will be back at AAA next year as a starter with an extremely high ceiling.
4. Ambiorix Burgos has been FAST-TRACKED to the majors and has shown an electric arm with mixed results.
5. Knuckleballer Ryan Jensen won his first start against the Cardinals yesterday.


Sorry for the lack of updates..
05.23.05 (8:53 am)   [edit]
Finals, Graduation, Trip to Illinois.. Moving in.. Moving out.. I've been mildly busy

I'm still alive..
05.23.05 (8:52 am)   [edit]

Can Berroa get a break? Please..
04.27.05 (9:05 am)   [edit]
.589 OPS
3 BB in 80+ Plate Appearances
.218 Batting Average.

You look at all these statistics and say.. yep Berroa's ROY of the year compaign was a fluke. The sad thing is.. I've watched Berroa a lot this season and I've liked just about everything he has been doing at the plate.

Pitches/Plate Appearance
2003: 3.68
2004: 3.58
2005: 3.95

Berroa is seeing more pitches and has done an excellent job of laying off pitches out of the zone. The results haven't shown up in his BB totals but he is doing a better job at the plate.

GB/FB ratio
2003: 1.32
2004: 1.76
2005: 0.89

Angel is getting the ball in the air and hitting it hard.. The hits just aren't dropping in right now. He is also the only effective base stealer on our team, snagging 3 bags in four chances for the break even point of 75% success.

There are a lot of things that irritate me this season. Teahen getting hurt so that I had to endure Graffanino and Joe McEwing. The existence of Jose Lima. Eli Marrero. But nothing is grating on me more than Berroa's struggles despite a much improved approach at the plate. Unless he starts getting some hits he will probably go back to swinging at everything and that would be a shame.

God did all he could to strike down the Sox..
04.23.05 (6:23 pm)   [edit]
But apparently Mike Sweeney doesn't pray enough. Contreras was on his way to a 20+K performance when his hamstring was obliterated by a bolt of lightning. This let the Royals face: Cliff Politte, Neal Cotts, and Luis Viscaino.. against whom they did nothing. Matt Diaz was probably safe in the 9th which would have won the game.. But who cares. Burgos, Greinke, and Sisco looked great. Diaz probably doesn't belong in the OF.. I'm sorry to say. The Royals had an error.. 2 misplayed DPs, and a balk. Yeah. They also gave up a run on a stray throw in by Diaz where he missed..well everyone.

I figured the Royals had to win this one.. Just to shake things up. Pena bunted Sweeney in the 2nd inning after Dejesus hit a HR and Gotay walked on 5 pitches. He also sent Stairs once.. shock he got caught. Fire Pena..

Sigh.. Macdougal doesn't trust his fastball, though he has mastered his slider. If he can throw the heat for strikes he'll be as unstoppable as the two guys that pitch lower leverage situations ahead of him.. oh wait.

Greinke got a zillion groundballs today. He's not going to give up 1.5+ HR/9 this year so you can pencil that ERA around 3.50.

Eli Marrero is a chump.

NFL Draft Commentary..
04.23.05 (1:51 pm)   [edit]
Why is Alex Smith 23 picks better than Aaron Rodgers? If you ask me honestly.. both these guys are busts. I watched Utah a few times and I'm sorry but that system is unstoppable for anyone other than the New England Patriots. They had 3 backs that were equally adept at running and catching out of the backfield, they had a solid corps of 5 competent wideouts with 2 NFL draftees, and they had a QB quick enough to run the option and throw the ball out of 4 wide sets. Smith wasn't a particularly gifted QB when he first got to Utah. I saw him in a bowl game and he wasn't a good passer. The Urban Meyer system made him into a star. Just like it did with the QB's at Bowling Green prior.

Aaron Rodgers? Kyle Boller anyone? Boller was more impressive working with less talented teams coming out of school. Jeff Tedford is a QB guru.. So was Steve Spurrier, how many Spurrier QB's have panned out? Thank you.

And for the love of.. Jesse Campbell? Are you kidding me? I had a non-sexual crush on Campbell's phenomenal playmaking when they played UNC in the Peach Bowl 3 years ago. UNC had points so as long as Campbell was in the game it was over. To be fair, that was as a freshman. Unfortunately he was just as bad the next 2 years. His solid senior season came when he had the two of the top 5 players in the draft distracting the defense by running the ball. Let's see.. Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown in the backfield.. I think we will be going man on and sneaking the safety up.. umm yeah. Hello? He saw one on one coverage and had 6 seconds to throw off every playaction fake.

Picks I liked:
3. (Cleveland) Braylon Edwards: Braylon Edwards drops some passes, but for every drop he catches 2 passes that nobody else in college could even touch.
9. (Washington) Carlos Rogers: IMO, Rogers was the best CB in the draft. Pacman has speed and toughness, but how is he gonna cover the Mike Williams of this world at 5'9? Rolle? I don't like Hurricanes
10. (Detroit) Mike Williams: Slow? Slow? Take a look at what Terrell Owens did with a busted wheel in the Super Bowl. Got that.. Williams is bigger and stronger than Owens.
12. (San Diego) Shawn Merriman: Safe solid defensive pick.. Marty is great at grabbing and developing these guys.
15. (K.C.) Derrick Johnson: All he does is force oodles of fumbles and make plays. He has every physical tool imaginable and he plays smart.. He doesn't kill people? Good, I'd rather have a forced fumble than a woo-hit.
22. (Bal.) Mark Clayton: Phenomenal WR.. overshadowed by that Peterson guy.
30. (Pitt.) Heath Miller: If you could take the jerk out of Jeremy Shockey you'd have Heath Miller. He's going to be something else.

Guy I want to succeed, but won't: David Pollack, DE, man the guy never quits but he doesn't have the speed to beat the stud NFL tackles he'll see every Sunday. I think he'll be a league average DE on hustle but that's about it.. He'll never be a double digit sack guy.

Matt Jones? I loved watching Matt Jones in college but drafting him as a WR or TE isn't wise. Jones is a strider. His 4.37 speed? He's actually faster than that.. Stride runners start slower and then absolutely motor when they hit their peak. Unfortunately, the extra yards that WR's get have to do with that instantaneous acceleration after the catch. Jones doesn't have that. He could be a TE but that will take a lot of work.

Troy Williamson? Who?

We have to play better..
04.23.05 (1:28 pm)   [edit]
I don't want Baird fired. Pena? Sure.. Baird has learned on the job and made some nice moves. Baseball Prospectus is heating up the Sweeney trade talk. O's, Rangers, and Halos lineup as potential suitors. A bidding war between Anaheim and Texas could really benefit us. Neither team is fiscally responsible and they both have some nice prospects.

Chiefs Draft: Derrick Johnson: I've read a lot of the negative scouting reports that emphasize Johnson not blowing through blockers or laying tremendous hits. Yeah that's because he's usually trying to strip the ball. Honestly, I didn't see many players play smarter than Derrick Johnson in college. The "he doesn't lay people out" scouts remind of the same idiots that praised Roscoe Crosby & Colt Griffin in HS. Is he fast? Yes. Does he make plays? More than any LB I have ever seen. Does he make tackles? Well he made 450 over 4 years. DJ will force 10 turnovers per season by himself. His tremendous speed and good size prevent him from having to be a tremendous tackler. With the three elite corners and Merriman off the board this was a no-brainer.

9-8 loss.. no analysis..
04.21.05 (12:36 pm)   [edit]
Look to the minors.. find a hobby.. develop a fastball.. become pitcher.. win WS.

Give up.. Stop watching them!
04.21.05 (10:14 am)   [edit]
Royals shell Gassner.. overcome 3-2 deficit after one inning.. lead 5-3.. Anderson gives up 11tybillion singles in a row.. Royals down 7-5... Botched run down.. Tony Pena.. Innings Eater.. Tony Pena.. DuckFuckwrackafracking

And the damage will commence..
The beginning of the end..

There is no justice.. there is no peace

Declaration of War: Twins organization.
04.20.05 (8:52 pm)   [edit]
Johan Santana K'd 10 royals tonight and managed to extend his streak without losing a decision. It was noted by a certain royals fan(Rich) that Santana's location was off on a lot of his pitches despite his relative dominance(he did give up 4 runs). This can be explained by the fact that his wife gave birth less than an hour before gametime. Right.

A) Carl Pohlad is such an evil, conniving scrooge of an owner that you can't even get time off for the birth of a child.. or.

B) Johan Santana, the face of the Twins organization for the rest of the decade, is such an asshole that he wouldn't skip an April start against Jose freakin Lima to stay with his wife.

The only replies I received from Twins fans were insults in response to the question.

I hate the Twins. They despise sabermetrics and have made a living of blocking young players for seasoned veterans. The franchise has an owner who tried to kill his own team to fatten a wallet that already contained several billion dollars at an age where he should have already been dead. They play in a graveyard of a ballpark and they have been notoriously inactive during the trade deadline in an attempt to push their playoff teams over the top. This despite an embarassment of riches in the farm system at positions where they couldn't find playing time for all their chips anyways.

The royals have made bad decisions, they've drafted poorly, and they've had plain stupid bad luck. But David Glass never tried to axe his own team. Allard Baird did the best job he could with a sinking ship in 03' making a flurry of acquisitions at the deadline that exceeded those of Carl/Ryan over their years of contention. This crap over Santana is the last straw.

Take a look at how many days Pickering was out to be with his wife in the same situation. That's a guy playing for his career.. Not one paycheck of a 40 million dollar contract.

Addendum: One Twins fan chimed in that they thought she would go into labor 'tomorrow' and that Johan would have left after the game.. OK.. screw that.. you skip and stay with your wife.

Addendum Two: The Twins staff was so strapped for pitchers that they are skipping Kyle Lohse's start later this week.. Garbage.

Gave it a run.. 5-4 loss.
04.20.05 (6:39 pm)   [edit]
Pena turned a double play groundball into a game winning single by bringing the infield in for no good reason. Camp, Cerda, and Field did an admirable job. Lima SUCKS!

The royals fought for this one.. they were betrayed by that moron of a manager. I can't be angry.. I expected us to have no chance against Santana. Well played.. tough going.


Shell Santana.. too bad Lima stinks..
04.20.05 (4:56 pm)   [edit]
Well we held a 4-3 lead for an inning.. Now Jose has loaded the bases with no outs.. I fully expect it to be 7-4 by the time I finish this post. Lima needs to be released.

New Pope..
04.20.05 (2:56 pm)   [edit]
German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was declared the new head of the Catholic Church this week. He is considered a staunch conservative(anti-contraception, homosexuality, etc.). Shockingly he actually would have lost the vote if it had been put to his own people(germans) which is a relatively bad sign. The clincher for me anyways, was that Ratzinger was a member in the Hitler Youth in 1941 and was part of anti-aircraft battalion. He said that any resistance to the Nazi regime would have been futile and his service was required. Ok, it probably was.. But if you were ever a member of the Hitler Youth, or wore a swastika.. I don't think you should be Pope. It may not be fair but for heaven sakes if anything is a red flag.. ding freaking dong this is it.

Royal Finish
04.19.05 (4:55 pm)   [edit]

As unlikely a hero as anyone else in the royals lineup, Alberto Castillo nailed a walkoff homer in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Tribe 6-5.  The royals had a fairly solid approach at the plate if not on the basepaths.  Bautista pitched a lot better than his 5ER in 5IP showed.  He struck out five, walked two and had a GB:FB ratio of 8:2.  Groundballs finding holes and the universal lack of range for the royals defense turned it into a bad outing.  The bullpen looked better.  Kyle Snyder wasn't particularly sharp but Macdougal managed 3 K's in the critical 9th inning without walking a batter and Cerda did an exceptional job in a tough spot.

I'm not even remotely delusional enough to view this as the halmark of a winning streak.  This team badly needs an improved infield defense and more range than Stairs can provide in RF.  Unless Sweeney starts drawing BB's, Huber is more valuable as a 1st basemen right now.  Teahen's defense might not have been great early, but its better than Joe McEwing or Graffy at 3rd.  Matt Diaz deserves a spot on the roster, he is murdering AAA proving that his numbers weren't simply a Durham mirage.  Omaha is a slight pitcher's park.

Other notes:

Calvin Pickering has not had enough AB's to make any significant conclusions.  However, he has been unbelievably awful.  I understand K's and I understand his low batting average.  What I don't understand is the high number of fastballs.. down the middle, that he is swinging and missing at.  Its one thing for a slugger to rack up K's working the count deep and taking borderline pitches for called strikes.  It's quite another for a hitter to miss on 3/4 of the pitches they are swinging at.  Pickering has not looked good so far.. Thank god Harvey isn't exactly lighting the world on fire at AAA. 

Greinke getting lit up..
04.18.05 (4:58 pm)   [edit]
2 errors to start the game for the Royals defense. Grienke gave up back to back jacks.. The first on a good pitch down an in.. The second on a green lit 3-0 count. Peralta hit a triple on a first pitch down and away.. And the fourth run scored on a pass ball. This team is driving me insane. I hate baseball

4-8 eh? Back to the minors..
04.17.05 (8:34 pm)   [edit]
Since the major league team kind of stinks its time to look at the future and what available parts are being honed down in the farm system.

We'll start this off with a semi-regular prospect ranking that will be affected by the performance of royals prospects in the short term

1. Billy Butler: (3B/DH High-A High Desert)
Batting well above .400 with an OPS in excess of 1.200, he's already drawn 6 BB's too. Top 50 prospect and will make a push for the best bat in the minors by the end of the season.
2. Justin Huber:(1B AA Wichita)
Huber has 12 walks in less than 40 plate appearances, he's gotten on base more than half the time and has held his own at first base as a defender.. Should be in the majors(Debatable Top 100 prospect)
3. Andres Blanco:(SS AAA Omaha)
Blanco has rocketed up my rankings by actually hitting a homerun. His overall offensive numbers aren't good but of his 8 hits this season, 3 have gone for extra bases. If he can even sniff a .400 slugging percentage he'll be a valuable regular.
4. Michael Aviles:(SS AA Wichita)
Tools, Tools, Tools.. That's what scouts are. I've seen Aviles and he is a little stocky for a SS, not particularly fast with a solid if unspectacular arm. But man does he hit. Aviles is batting .412 with a 1:1 BB:K ratio and an OPS above 1.000. He'll hit more than 40 doubles and has a shot at 50. His start at AA has been nothing short of impressive.
5. Dusty Hughes:(LHP High-A High Desert)
Hughes is classified as a finesse lefty who touches 90 with his fastball but excels at pitching inside. Up to this point in his career he had been extremely successful without striking out a phenomenal number of hitters
So far: 17.2 IP 21 K 6 BB 2 HR 3.09 ERA
The california league is a hitter's haven. Its the kind of league that eats up finesse pitchers with .300 averages on balls in play. Hughes early success and K buffet are extremely encouraging signs.
6. Ambriorix Burgos:(Relief Pitcher AA Wichita)
Burgos could be near the top if he was doing this as a starter but 12 K's in 6.0 IP with 2 BB and 0 hits allowed will do. Dominance personified. (He's being used as a 2 inning closer)
7. Donald Murphy:(2B AA Wichita)
Wichita has a lot of promising prospects, Murphy is batting .300 while drawing BB's, showing pop, and playing solid defense. He'll finish with a season almost identical to Gotay's AA campaign last year. It's up to Allard Baird to figure out what to do with these two.
8. Mitch Maier:(OF High-A High Desert)
Maier had a decent half season at Burlington and a highly disappointing 2nd half at Wilmington. A strong start and promotion to AA were crucial to keep his prospect status lofty. With 6 BB's against only 6 K's, an average of .351 and a slugging percentage above .500 he has done just that.
9. Chad Santos:(1B AAA Omaha)
Santos is 24, which is a little old, but not too old. He has performed adequately at each level while young for a lot of them. He's drawn 5 walks already and has a slugging of .714 while hitting .343. This could be his breakout season as a slugger. Then again it could be a sample size fluke. He's shown power before, if he continues to show an increased ability to draw a BB then he will have value as a platoon 1B or bench pinch hitter.
10. Billy Buckner( RHP low-A Burlington)
Buckner was the least touted of the moneyball trio including Howell & Campbell but he has had the best sabermetric start with an 11:0 K:BB ratio in 10.1 IP. He also has the best fastball touching the low-90s.. I'd like to see him promoted soon.
11. JP Howell(LHP High-A High Desert)
Howell has had an interesting start in the confines of High A. He continues to record an insane number of groundballs and has struck out 11 hitters in 10.1 IP. Unfortunately he has walked 9 guys and allowed 2 homeruns. His ERA remains strong at 3.48 but the walks have to come down and he has to limit the HR's through his groundball rate.(His ranking could go down if he doesn't improve in those areas)
12. Matt Campbell(LHP low-A Burlington)
Campbell struggled mightily in limited duty last year.. probably due to fatigue. He's flashed his big time curve with 10 K's in 12.0 IP and a 2.25 ERA
13. Chris Lubanski(High A High Desert)
With a caveat. Lubanski has hit for massive power with an ISO SLG over .300. But he hasn't hit for average or drawn BB's. This guy could go all Lastings Milledge on the minors but I'd prefer to see a more disciplined approach at the plate. At least he's not overmatched.
14. Jason Kaanoi(RHP High A High Desert)
The worm-killer continues to do that despite ugly peripherals he has a sub 2.00 ERA so far this season.
15. Mario Lisson(SS Low-A Burlington)
Lisson is a toolsy disciplined hitter.. Weird. He hasn't shown a ton of power but he's pretty young in an ugly pitcher's league. 8BB's in 32 PA's with a solid average? Good enough.

When you consider the talent that's been promoted to the show this season, you realize how productive the farm system has become.
1. Gotay
2. Teahen
3. Bautista
4. Sisco(Rule V I know.. not promoted)

All of these guys should conceivably be in AAA and would add tremendous depth to our overall minor league picture. The encouraging starts of most of our solid prospects is a definite plus. Some guys have struggled like Shane Costa but overall the system is raising its early value.

This next draft is crucial as our system is flush with contributors and regulars but short on superstars other than Butler. We need to draft an impact player at #2 and fill the lower tiers with more potential stars. Right now the royals system is in the #14-17 range in MLB. That doesn't sound great but in 2001 I'd consider us to have had the worst farm system in all of baseball or close to it. The last 3 drafts have done a lot to restock the system. One more solid draft should put us in the top 10 or possibly top 5 with solid development from this year's prospects.

04.17.05 (10:38 am)   [edit]
Hernandez comes out.. strikes out the first two hitters, then blows away another in the 2nd. Gets derailed in the 3rd..why? Back to back bunt singles to lead off the inning.. Fucking cheap.

Again, the royals come out prepared.. performing well, and some random fucking occurance destroys everything. This season is pissing me off more than any in past memory. I want to watch the kids... Teahen is hurt.. hello Joe McEwing.

I expected to lose.. but not like this.. repeatedly.. Due to stupid dumb luck. I'm ok with the beatings we will take from good teams but the Tigers are a joke of an organization. They are second class citizens to their own owner.. And the other team isn't even in season. The wheels have come off and Hernandez has started walking people. More runs on the board due to Omar I should suck a lot more Infante. 4-0.. end of 3.

They'll proceed to swing at the first pitch for the rest of the game and give Maroth a 42 pitch shutout. I just... ugh.

Royals lose.. pen self destructs..
04.16.05 (10:33 pm)   [edit]
On the bright side.. Ambriorix Burgos struck out his 12 hitter in 6 IP as a reliever at Wichita. I was against the decision to convert him to a reliever but it seems to have turned a starter with control problems into an elite fire fighter. Look for Burgos in K.C. sooner rather than later.

Lima is doing it on purpose..
04.15.05 (4:09 pm)   [edit]
It's time to take a page out of Dubya's handbook.. and execute him. Lethal Injection, super, hanging.. just as good.

5 batters in to Lima Sabatoge Exhibit 3, 2-0 Detroit, 1 out recorded. Stop.. 5-0.. 1 out recorded

I am so angry right now.. I mean for the love of God. A retarded rhesus monkey could have lowered his ERA after Jose's first two starts. Not Jose Lima.

Praise for Sheffield?
04.14.05 (11:45 pm)   [edit]
Some of you may be aware of the fan that brushed Gary Sheffield's head today at Boston while he was trying to dig out a double against the wall. If you ask me he was trying to distract Gary from the ball.. It wasn't overtly malicious. Sheff fielded the ball, stopped, shoved the guy, and then threw to the infield before going back to stare at him. And Sheffield gets 'praised' for not decking the guy. I'm sorry but can't we hold multi-millionaire entertainers to a higher standard than this?

A) He should never have hesitated with a ball in play. Shoving the guy could have cost his team a base and therefore the game.. That 'reaction' is the reaction of a self-centered asshole. Its vastly different but when I played high school football I was literally strangled while going for a fumble. I was too busy trying to grab the ball while my assailant focused entirely on cutting off my air. The whistle blew and we recovered the ball. No ref made a call(because refs are all stupid assholes) but my point was made. Team first.. vendetta second.

B) You have how many million dollars? I dunno what it is about athletes.. but the more money these guys get the more thuggish they become. Would a multi-millionaire broker sock a business competitor if he spilled his drink at a dinner? I mean come on..

C) When this gets more press coverage then Tom Gamboa getting attacked by 2 guys with knifes in Chicago I hope you remember that the world revolves around Boston & N.Y. Screw the rest of flyover country.

Sorry for the delays.. Thesis.. Login Problems..
04.14.05 (10:56 pm)   [edit]
Well the Royals got swept

Hernandez pitched well
Greinke pitched well
The offense did nothing
The pen stunk

Lima to the rescue tomorrow/today.. Hooray for that.